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【Name】:Automatic blade sharpener

【Application Fields】
Product Description

Automatic blade sharpener


1,when sharpening,need to press the blade tightly,then start the switch.

2,When switch start,It is forbidden to reverse, Must be started in the direction shown by the arrow,and adjust direction switch timely.

3,When switch start,first  to Start the grinding wheel switch,then start travel switch

4,When sharpening,the machine is advisable to put five times per minute or so, can be continuous use, if more than 5 times, should be pay attention to frequency conversion motor to heat up, in case burn out.

5,Grinding wheel screw can debug by itself.

6,If the machine with automatic lifting plate, debugging board Angle first, and then put the screws, set, adjustable trip to meet again, at run time, the lifting plate tooth run a stroke can touch on the lifting screw gear of a tooth.

7,The travel swith can adjust by itself from 300-800cm.

Main parameters

Max blade length allowed850mm
Grinding wheel 2840r/min
Main motor1.5kw
Grinding wheel size125*65mm
Electrical motor 370w
Water pump power40w
Machine size 1380*800*1100mm

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