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【Name】:Diesel engine wood shaving mill

【Application Fields】wood shavings can be used to make particle board, the raw materials of the wood pulp paper in paper making factory; fragile’s filling materials in transporting company, making bed for animals such as the pig, the cow, the sheep. Also can be used as the bio-energy .
Product Description

Diesel engine wood shaving mill

Introductions of diesel engine wood shaving mill

Diesel engine wood shaving mill is suitable for the village,area lack of electricity or power shortage. Also named wood shaving machine,wood shaver,wood shaving mills.

The wood shaving mill is used to cut wood,log, tree branch into shavings for animal bed such as horse,cattle,chicken,duck,rabbit,mouth and other pets,also used as fillings for fragiles during transportation, then also can be used for shaving board and biomass energy.

Diesel engine wood shaving mill with

reasonable struture

easy to operate  

low cost, low noise  

energy saving.

It is great helper to make wasted wood for recycle usage.

Main parameters

Diesel engine (HP)112040
Blade number(pcs)448
Blade size(mm)90*60*8150*70*8150*100*10
Feeding inlet size(mm)160*80190*150230*230


Wood shaving mill blades

Wood shavings