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【Name】:Environment-friendly charcoal tablet briquette press machine

【Application Fields】charcoal tablet briqutte press machine used for medical,food, chemical,etc.
Product Description

The charcoal tablet briquette machine is used for shisha charcoal making. 

Features of tablet briquette

1)The final briquette 's diameter, density, strengthen can be adjustable. the diameter from 15-50mm. Can be with trade market, pictures,words. 

2) The final briquette when burning, no smoke, non-toxic,tasteless.suitable for 

Church incense and Arab light hookah.long time for burning,low ash rate.

Photos of tablet briquette sample

Features of charcoal tablet briquette machine

1) It is belongs to automatic tablet press machine, can press different kinds of powder materials.

2) Each time can press 28 pcs, each hours for 30000pcs

Suitable for charcoal powder and other powder materials.Can make round shape,convex-concave shape.With smooth surface, large pressure

3) Labour saving,safe working, easy maintain ,low noise.