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What’s the function of the wood shaving machine ?

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Whats the function of the wood shaving machine ?

The wood shaving machine is also named of wood shaving crusher,wood shaving mill,sawdust wood shaving machine,wood shaving equipment.It is mainly used to make even size shavings in bulk,it is one series of wood process machine to process wood,log,tree branch,wood board,etc. Then whats the usage of wood shavings ?

The wood shavings is used to make plywood,pallet tray,paper mill,fragile fillings during transportation,biomass fuel, also commonly used for pet beds,chicken beds,horse beds,,etc.

The wood shavings thickness can be adjustable by changing the space between blade edge and blade disk

The wood shaving machine is composed of the base,machine cover,racks,blades,cutter disk,shaft,belt pulley,simple structure,easy to operate and maintain.

To keep the machine with long service life,maintenance is very important,lets simply introduce it here

1) After working each day,please make the belt loose by making the distance between the machine motor close 6-10mm

2) After working each day,please clear inside of machine and make sure there is no remaining left in the machine

3) Add grease into bearing seat timely (3-4 hours working for each time)

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