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Why wood shavings is preferred for animal bedding ?

Addtime:2014/8/7 10:32:29   Author:woodchipper   visited:2103

Xingyang Hongyun Wood Working manufacture manufactures and distributes wood shaving machine around the world,powered by diesel engine or electrical motors,the wood shaving machine produce the fine,medium and coares wood shavings from wood,or low value wood,green or dry,with or without bark. The wood shavings primary use is bedding for poultry,horse,sheep,cow,rabbit,mouth,pet ,etc...also have other application such as fragile fillings during transportation,pallat block materials,biomass fule,pellet or briquette materials...etc.

Why wood shavings is more preferred for animal bedding,not other materials ? The following is the reason:

1) wood shavings with good absorbency properties ,they will absorb the moisture/water quickly,especially animal's urine,healthy

2)Poultry pens and livestock stalls is easy and economic for cleaning ,the shavings can be reused.

3) The shavings is soft,comfortable as bedding

4)Shavings are relativly thin,can't be easily decay in the land when can't be used for animal

5) Low level of bacteria and other microorfanisms growth.

When you see these advantage of shavings, why not choose a wood shaving machine for your lovely poultry ,horse,other animal etc ?